Patricia Macdonald

+ About the Artist
The work of Patricia Murphy Macdonald unfolds in a variety of ways frequently blown up larger than life. Her interests are in things close at hand, objects that find themselves added to the melting pot of images to which she creates her own view of a personal, domestic world.
Though it is a domestic culture understood with the broader context of popular culture, Macdonald traverses the line between the banal, the romantic, the beautiful, and the unsettling. The paintings aim to retain an economy of sentiment, and project a sense of irony and whim.
Macdonald has shown in numerous group and solo shows across Canada. These include a solo show at the Nanaimo Art Gallery in 2005, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto 2004-2010, and the Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver, BC 2007-2010. Collections of note include the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton and Hotel Le Soleil, Vancouver. She studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York, and graduated with honors from Emily Carr University, Vancouver BC. She is from Vancouver and now lives in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia with her daughter, and husband, artist John Macdonald.