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FRANCE JODOIN : Recent Works

Reception: Thursday October 19, 5-8 pm | Artist in attendance

CKG is thrilled to announce FRANCE JODOIN’s sixth solo exhibition since her Calgary debut during our GRAND opening exhibition in October 2007.

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, it is fitting that we return to our core stable and feature one of our original and most admired painters, France Jodoin. Simply titled, Recent Works, Jodoin’s long-anticipated solo exhibition will showcase ten new oil paintings in her signature marine genre.

“Thematically, I remain completely engaged in the exploration of the marine as a landscape form. I prefer to call the images I create marines because in practice the term often covers art showing as much shipping on rivers, beach scenes and all art showing boats, without any rigid distinction.”

– France Jodoin

Throughout her career, Jodoin has turned her attention to subjects as various as: sea, land, and cityscapes, peopled beach scenes, harbours, boats, and birds, as well as florals and primates, all the while striking a delicate balance between abstraction and figuration. Regardless of subject, it is her deft, gestural handling of paint on linen which transports us to another time or place where we can almost feel and smell the salty sea spray.

“Organic and evocative, timeless and dreamlike, France Jodin’s paintings are like windows into the subconscious. That of the artist as well as that of the observer, for the muted palette, evocative of sky and water, leaves the spectator free to imagine his own scenario. Which is, in fact, the artist’s intent.”

 – Isabelle Gauthier [1]

France Jodoin has been exhibiting in galleries and museums in Canada, the United States and Europe for the past fifteen years. She is known and celebrated for her ability to bring a contemporary understanding of materials to a twentieth century exploration of space, often calling to mind Tuner’s churning, emotive skies and Courbet’s impasto landscapes. She lives and works in Cowansville, Quebec.


[1] Isabelle Gauthier, "France Jodoin: A Different Type of Scenery". Magazin’Art, Vol. 28, Spring 2016, no 111, pp 77-79.


FRANCE JODOIN, Disturbing the dust in a bowl of lavender blooms, oil on linen, 30 x 30 in.

FRANCE JODOIN, Disturbing the dust in a bowl of lavender blooms, oil on linen, 30 x 30 in.

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